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Whether you are a seasoned martial arts professional or just beginning the exciting and sometimes head-spinning world of martial arts business ownership, Little Eagles (TM) Martial Arts licensing is a powerful way to increase your enrollment.

Take a look at our FAQ's below. We are straight-forward and pull no punches; we're martial artists, too! We know that licensing Little Eagles(TM) is a great move for your business and bottom line! Feel free to call us if you're still not convinced!

What is the curriculum like for Little Eagles?

  Little Eagles(TM) is adaptable to any style of martial arts because it is your style with our support.  We provide you with games and activities designed to engage  preschoolers,  and is not style-specific.  As a  Little Eagles (TM) instructor you'll incorporate  simple technique and tradition  in small increments from your own martial arts style. We provide you with tips and ideas through dozens of very short video clips on littleeaglesmartialarts.vhx.tv - ALL included in your licensing package.

I already have a toddler program. How will it change if I become a Little Eagles (TM) licensed instructor or  school?

In addition to the branded Little Eagles® Martial Arts name with ready-to-order patches, stickers and tattoos as well as curriculum support, it will improve your marketing ability and help you get found online! By using the Little Eagles® name you are showing your community and potential students that you have an association with  a professional organization that has taken the time and resources to develop , own and market a brand throughout the martial arts industry. Plus you'll have all the perks mentioned below under the heading "What's included in a licensing package?"

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What's included in a licensing package?

Here's the good part! Your Little Eagles® licensing package includes :

  • Use of the toddler-friendly Little Eagles® name  and  powerful ®/trademark symbol for print and digital advertising
  • Use of the Little Eagles® adorable mascot and logo  supplied digitally for use in print and digital advertising
  • More exposure online! A link to your website and/ or Facebook page on littleeaglesmartialarts.com website plus links to any of your social media platforms *Check out our newest licensee, Family Martial Arts Center of  Ames in Ames, Iowa* 
  • Social media marketing! Even more places for you to be found online
    • ...Upload up to 5 of your own Little Eagles ® pics and video monthly to appear on our Facebook page*
    • ...Upload up to 5 of your own Little Eagles® pics and video to be posted to our Instagram page*
  • Phone support  when you need it  from our head instructor, the very colorful and fun-loving Sensei  Evelyn Schwartz
  • Online  videos on our subscription site, littleeaglesmartialarts.vhx.tv-quick and informative -with new games and  helpful tips added monthly!
  • Your Start-Up Kitis jammed packed with marketing material:
    • 20  eye-catching 8-1/2 x 11 glossy professionally printed window flyers with space for your customization
    • 20  Little Eagles temporary tattoos
    • 20 Little Eagles round stickers
    • 10 Little Eagles 4"x4" round uniform patches
    • 10 Little Eagles "Taking Flight" diplomas
    • 10 Little Eagles helium-quality large balloons

* It is your responsibility to retain signed releases for all media posted to our social media sites. Should you take advantage of this portion of your licensing package you will be asked to sign confirmation that you have taken all measures to obtain the appropriate releases depending on your state .

Do I have to buy more  flyers and patches when I run out?

You can, but don't have to. It's up to you if you want to continue to use the marketing items we provide. Of course we suggest you use all resources we have available - we don't offer it if toddlers don't like it! In addition, our prices are extremely reasonable and quantities start at 20 of each item  so that your profit isn't lost to costly overhead. Check out our marketing material and pricing here.

OK, I'm convinced! How much will a license cost me?

A 12-month license is less than $50.00 a month and includes all of the benefits listed above.   A single payment of $499.00 will have your account paid for a full year - that's 2 months FREE - and all your benefits will "kick-in".  Multiple school owners can license additional locations for just $299.00 annually!  START YOUR FREE TRIAL TODAY! GO TO littleeaglesmartialarts.vhx.tv

"Freelance" martial artists can also purchase a license and teach at any number of locations for  $69.00 a month!  You can easily make your money back and multiply your income exponentially when you teach at more than one location! Annual cost for this type of license is just $699.00, - that's 2 months FREE -and you are your own boss!

Why do I have to purchase a "license" for Little Eagles(TM)?  Why can't i just use the name?:

It's necessary to engage in a licensing agreement to use the name Little Eagles(TM)  because the name itself as it pertains to martial arts is protected under federal  law and owned by The Bushido School of Karate, Inc. This can be verified by visiting uspto.gov and using their trademark search.